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Our 5 Star facilities and knowledgeable team ensure our equine clients receive the best care providing comfort and an enjoyable experience for their owners.



Our livery packages are bespoke and tailored to suit the individual needs of each client and are based on a 7 day week package including hard feed, forage and bedding, mucking out and turning in/out

  • Competition livery – producing horses for clients

  • Full livery – all of the above without ridden work

  • Short term livery – for example holiday cover

  • Schooling livery – retraining and progression

  • Sales livery –sales preparation and viewings with competitions if required

  • Rehabilitation livery – our partner company can also offer residential rehab packages

Additional Services:

Clipping, tack cleaning, use of Theraplate, Stylofoam blocks for proprioception, mane and tail pulling



Gayle is an experienced coach whose passion and success is in show jumping which is her specialist area.  Gayle trains across multiple disciplines including dressage and cross country providing a well-rounded education and training for all young horses and riders. An international show jumper, she is also:

  •  A BHSI

  • BS accredited UKCC Level 3 coach

  • First aid trained

  • Fully insured

  • Holds an enhanced DBS certificate

  • Safe guarding qualified


Gayle trains a wide range of horses and riders from novice and inexperienced through to those competing at 1.40+.  She trains juniors, young riders and adults of all abilities in an engaging and confidence building manner to get the best out of the horses and riders.

New clients benefit from a structured training programme from the outset.  We start with an assessment lesson which takes approximately 90 minutes.  During this session, Gayle begins to build a rapport with horse and rider and is able to ascertain their current level of ability. After the ridden session we take advantage of sitting down and setting future goals and prepare an initial training programme to start the journey.

In addition to her coaching, Gayle supports her clients in finding new horses.  Through her understanding of the riders’ requirements, capabilities and psychology, and using her wealth of contacts, she has a skill in matching the right horse and rider combination.


Clinics & Camps

For those clients that like to train in a group environment Gayle runs regular clinics.  These cater to novices and the more experienced and include:

  • Pole work

  • Grid work

  • Riding Courses

  • Arena Eventing

As well as private clinics, Gayle runs BS Academy training sessions for both juniors and adults both at Highbrook and other venues in the South.

Gayle finds that riders progress very quickly with intensive training so runs several camps through the year.  They are usually 3 days and are progressive with 2 ridden sessions per day and a demo session.  Riders find these sessions incredibly impactful and help them move up a level in their riding by the end of the camp.  Not only do riders benefit from the training, they are also great fun and a real social event.



Gayle has been overseeing rehabilitation programmes for several years, via GW Equine’s partner company EAP, which offers a state of the art hydrotherapy treadmill.  Other rehab facilities include:

  • Specific rehab stables

  • Turnout pens

  • All weather paddocks

  • Fully trained rehabilitation specialists

Each horse has a tailored programme depending upon their needs which are discussed and agreed with the owners, trainers and medical professionals who are all involved in the ongoing rehabilitation.  The full range of facilities ensure your horse has the right ones to cater for their needs so they are back at peak as quickly as possible. 

The team has experience with horses from many disciplines including dressage, show jumping, eventing and polo.

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