Miles O'Donnell

Gayle White has been a brilliant trainer for me over the past three years. My riding in terms of sophistication and understanding of horsemanship has increased dramatically. Her coaching stands out due to her wonderfully articulate manner - making every concept easy to digest. 

When I started with Gayle my riding lacked understanding and finesse. I have progressed from ponies to horses with Gayle. 3 years later I have just placed fourth in the 1.45 World Class Under 23's Olympia qualifier. 

She is always delighted to hear when you've had a good day and equally as enthusiastic to help when you have had a bad one(as we all do!). 

I have just started riding for an Olympic gold medallist and it is much thanks to Gayle's training that I am in this position.  

Gina Gray

I started training with Gayle in 2007 and at that point I was nervous jumping any bigger than 1metre!  Gayle quickly built my confidence so that within a few months I was able to progress from my initial riding club horse to a fantastic 10 year old show jumper who Gayle found for me; and then with her help, I produced from Intro to Intermediate BE over three years and was 5th finishing on our dressage score in our first CIC*.  

With Gayle’s help we sold him to a young rider and she then found me a super 5 year old competition mare in Holland.  Like my previous horse she was another big step for me but Gayle has coached me and we are already jumping Newcomers with a plan to event her this season.

Gayle is the best trainer I have ever worked with and she has an amazing ability to understand the psyche of each horse as well as the rider’s psychology.  She is constantly thinking about her pupils and will often call me to give me some more tips and exercises between lessons.

I never thought I would progress as far as I have with my riding and I would recommend anyone to work with Gayle who wants to improve and win!