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Beverley Mattelaer

"Gayle White is an amazing equestrian trainer; the best trainer I have ever had in my 50 years of competitive riding.


Gayle works with each rider/horse partnership to help the partnership achieve the very best in whichever equestrian discipline they compete or wish to compete in, as well as training those that just want to improve their way of going. In my case I like to compete in British Eventing (BE), which requires training in dressage, show jumping and cross-country riding. Gayle has massively improved my riding which has shown in my results in all three disciplines.

I started with Gayle just over 5 years ago. I was competing my 5-year-old mare at BE80 and show jumping at British Novice level. The mare is now jumping double clears around BE Novice level and jumping double clears at Newcomers and is ready to compete at Foxhunter level.


Gayle trains with the aim of empowering me to have the knowledge and ability to train my horse. Her eye for detail, knowledge and patience is superior to any trainer I have worked with in the past.


I now have a second horse to my string that I bought last year; a 17hh 4-year-old ISH gelding. Under Gayle's instruction, his progress has been amazing.


In addition to training with Gayle, I also make use of the "Equine Aqua Power", owned by Gayle, with both horses on a weekly basis.  There has been a huge improvement in both horses in their fitness, shape and strength.


I only wish I had known Gayle when I first started riding. Oh, to be young again!"


Mary Wood

"I started training with Gayle some 6 years ago as I restarted riding after a 10+ year gap.  I had independently bought a horse that I planned to keep at home but with a full time, busy job, my lack of time and inexperience in dealing with a 5 year old straight over from Ireland, led me to seek out help from GW Equine and Gayle.


The reality was that my newly purchased horse was totally unsuitable for me so Gayle helped navigate out of that purchase into a far more appropriate horse, Little Socks, with whom I went from strength to strength and on to my current horse Gracie.  

Gayle is so exceptionally good at paring a rider with the right horse so when Gayle suggested it was time to move on from Little Socks, I trusted her advice and judgement implicitly.

Over the last 6 years, Gayle has regularly coached me.  I have to say that woman has the patience of a saint (!) and when I have faltered or not believed in my own abilities, she has never once given up on me.  I learn something more each time I train with Gayle.  No session is ever the same and each session builds on what has gone before.  Without Gayle’s on-going support & guidance, I doubt I would have ever gained the skills and confidence to ride a powerful showjumper like Gracie.  This year I competed for the first time at a big stay away show at Wales & West, getting a 2nd in the British Novice in a field of over 70 and did my first competitive and quite stiff Discovery with Gracie.  It was a pretty respectable round too!  A few years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being confident or skilled enough to do either.  Without Gayle’s coaching & support, this would never have happened.


Gayle has an amazing ability to size up a riding partnership – she sees things in a riding style or the way a horse goes that others would miss.  She always knows how to get the best out of a partnership.  She is direct in her approach but with it, empathetic and understanding.  I guarantee she will get more out of you that you could ever imagine possible but be prepared to work hard.  It’s worth it for the results that Gayle can help you achieve.


In addition to training with Gayle, Gavin and I have had our horses (Tonto and Gracie) at livery with Gayle now for some 5 years.  Gayle provides the highest quality of care for our horses and I never worry about how they are being looked after.  The facilities are amazing and both our horses have benefitted from the water treadmill (Equine Aqua Power) where they have weekly sessions and we have certainly appreciate the indoor school on those dark, wet winter days! Gayle works hard to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere at the yard and it’s a place we love to spend time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the GW Equine yard or Gayle to others."


Natalie & Sophia Parry

"Sophia has been training with Gayle for the last two years , and in that time she has taken her from galloping round 70cm tracks to contesting in the top 128cm 110cm HOYS qualifiers with Sparkling Boy Blue and now the same with with our 138cm Ponies.

With Gayle is about attention to detail, it’s not just about the ridden training, it’s about the complete picture, she helps us plan our competitions with our short term and long term goals in mind, it’s about fitness, tack , feeding , care and everything in between.

Sophia would never ever have had the confidence in herself to do any of this without Gayle’s coaching, and we are very excited for the future, it’s a pleasure to be part of team GW!"

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